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Best Dressed!!

We cannot wait for VOGUE to hit the stands. The countdown begins till we can get our hands on our November favorites :


Our November icons!

Mary-Kate and Ashley … We ❤ you.

It Girl: Leighton Meester

We love Leighton Meesters style.

Justjared, TFS, youknowyouloveme

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

We love these Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks. She knows how to bundle up and still look great. We are definitely taking some notes as the colder weather sneaks up on us.

source: TFS


Everyday you want to waste

You Can

And everyday you want to wake up

You Can

And everyday that you want to change

You Can

I’ll help to see you through

Because I just really want to be with


Foster the People- Waste

Olsen’s Fashion Staples

In a recent interview with Barneys Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen said the wardrobe staples they cannot live without are a great pair of vintage jeans, a tailored suit, a crisp white button down, Parisian stripes, and a great men’s watch.  It would seem so!

Source: olsensanonymous and TFS

Chic little B%!#@

There’s a brand new talk,
but it’s not very clear
That people from good homes
are talking this year
It’s loud and tasteless
and I’ve heard it before
You shout it while you’re dancing
on the whole dance floor

David Bowie “Fashion’