Sunset on the South Shore

Kauai is paradise. The island is unlike anything on the Mainland and it offers a kind of culture that is hard to find. The Kamaaina on the island are in one word: Generous. Every day on the island we were greeted with a smile or the infamous “hang loose” signal. Coming from firsthand knowledge as a Haole, if you are willing to listen, they are always willing to share stories and occasionally, pay for your drink!

Anyone who can travel to Kauai will feel lucky to experience such a breathtaking island. From the Mauna to the Makai, Kauai is Da’Kine.  The beaches are picturesque; secret spots, local’s only locations and tourist attractions each beach has something special to offer. The South Shore provides a great spot for snorkeling and paddle boarding. The North Shore can give you the waves surfers yearn for.

The grinds are Onoliscious. From fried avocados to Macadamia nut pancakes, it brok’ da mout. Kauai also has its very own rum. The Koloa Rum Company is the first and only licensed distillery on the island. Koloa Rum uses Kauai’s tall kane to get its amazing flavor. If you find yourself on the South Shore be sure stop by the Tasting Room and Store at Kilohana Plantation. Okole Maluna!

This is just the bare minimum of what Kauai has to offer. I will give more information after I get over my jet lag. 🙂

P.S. I have been to Kauai about 5 times now and I just now learned the Hawaiian language of Pidgin. If you want to check out it out go to http://www.shakadivers.com/pidgeon.htm. I hope you enjoy Pidgin as much as I do.

Aloha nui loa. Mahalo. BUMBYE!!!







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