Los Angeles Weekend 9/29/2011


This weekend was amazing. But that’s pretty much every weekend for everyone right? If your weekends blow we’re really sorry. Maybe you can see professional help for that. Meanwhile we’ll be glad to share our amazing weekend with you and you can follow by example. You’re welcome!

While ‘A’ was tanning herself under Kauai sun, I spent a good part of the weekend in Los Angeles. One of my weekend highlights (that’s appropriate to share with a large readership) was dinner at Manhattan Beach Post. Every dish at this restaurant was delicious. Although I’m not surprised since the head chef is David LeFevre of Water Grill Downtown. Our group shared the brussel sprouts (I typically HATE brussel sprouts, seriously I am not a fan, but the brussel at MBpost are delicious) the french fries, the coscous and squash. In addition, we had some great drinks like the mojito shown in the photo below.

After MBpost we went to Venice to grab a drink at Circle Bar. Circle Bar needs to be renamed the sausage party. There were easily double the amount of guys than girls. But even then there were like only two guys we entertained talking to for more than 30 seconds. We didn’t even stay an hour at Circle Bar and left to go to The Victorian. The Victorian is best described as a bar that feels like a large house party but without the shady jungle juice and cops that bust up the party after an hour. I would definately go back there to wrap up my night.

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